Hygienic ceiling tiles, perfect for a bakery




Cleaning matt ceiling tiles is a time-consuming and difficult task. They require scrubbing with a cream cleanser while standing on a ladder and craning your neck up. Fergbaker in Queenstown had had enough of their matt ceiling tiles, and replaced them with our high-gloss Fenta Ceiling Tiles. Made from a premium James Hardie fibre cement board, the tiles have a non-porous, glossy white surface coating, which is highly resistant to mould and mildew. Cleaning requires only a soft sponge and mild detergent. The bakery’s ceiling maintenance effort has been reduced by more than half, and has gained all the other benefits the hard-wearing tile has to offer.

“One of the biggest things I’ve noticed is that the light in the bakery is so much better,” says owner Mark Glover. “We installed new LED light panels at the same time, and everyone can see what they are doing now, whereas before it was a struggle. The ceiling tiles reflect the light around much more and make cleaning easier. Before, we had to use a cream cleanser and scrub away to keep the old ceiling clean. Now we can just give it a good wipe over with a soapy sponge.”




Light-reflective ceiling tiles

The light reflectivity of the tile is created with UltraLight™ Technology primer, a patented UV coating system that is overcoated with polyurethane. The paint’s light reflectance qualities come from a unique, patented manufacturing process designed by Bates Surface Solutions. With such excellent reflectivity, they create a light, bright working environment, with the knock-on benefit in energy savings.

Impervious to moisture

The coating system is tough, environmentally friendly, and impervious to moisture, with a 100% UV primer. The tile itself is a 4.5 mm James Hardie substrate, a premium board made of Portland cement with a hard, smooth surface. With their hard-wearing base and high-quality coating, the tiles look like new for years.

Clean when they arrive on site

Fenta Ceiling Tiles arrive on site each covered in a protective film to keep the dust and grime off before they are installed. “They don’t get dirty,” says director of Southern Wide Interiors Martin Thompson, who installed the new ceiling. “They’ve got the film to protect them and the face itself is very durable. They are really robust tiles, which arrived in good order, with no damage. They’re a great tile.”

Product details

The tiles fit into all standard suspended ceiling grids, and come in white high-gloss or white satin finish. They can be ordered in any colour when the project meets the minimum order size.

For further details or a quote, contact ANZAL by email or phone 0800 269 251. Fenta tile distributors: Forman | T&R Interior Systems | Potter Interior Systems.