Antimicrobial ceiling retrofit for food-processing plant


Smooth and impervious, with a bio silver additive to minimise bacterial growth, the Fenta ceiling tile was the tile of choice for a top local cereal manufacturer.


Wall and ceiling linings for food-processing plants are driven by food safety regulations in New Zealand. To meet the high standards of hygiene and contamination control, the hard, impervious surface of Fenta exceeds Clause G3.3.2 of the NZBC for food-prep areas, and meets all current domestic and overseas hygiene regulations when installed correctly.

Today’s Fenta tiles feature antimicrobial bio silver molecules. This makes the surface uniquely suitable for ceilings in food-prep areas, laboratories, commercial bathrooms and laundries – spaces where hygiene is critical.


Antibacterial bio silver additive

The surface coating is impregnated with a quality silver additive to prevent bacteria from growing, producing energy or replicating; it is also effective on fungi and moulds. The coating has been successfully tested on over 50 organisms in over 2000 applications and, with the right maintenance, it lasts for the lifetime of the product.

Test panels were independently certified to ISO 22196. (Contact us to see certification details.)




Retrofit with the latest Fenta ceiling tile

The cereal processing plant had 1990s Fenta ceiling tiles installed, and for their recent retrofit they chose the same tile. In addition to the high-quality surface, the benefits of today’s Fenta tile include the bio silver additive and 100 per cent UV-cured coating system.

Following another significant round of investment in UV technology last year, Fenta manufacturers Bates Surface Solutions now have solvent-free paints and a solvent-free factory. UV-cured coating systems are harder than conventional coatings and offer excellent impact and scratch resistance. The Fenta surface will last longer than most architectural paint systems, so requires less maintenance over its lifetime.


Product description

Made in New Zealand for 40 years, the Fenta tile is based on a 4.5mm James Hardie fibre cement board, which is cut to 600 x 1200mm tiles (nominal) and then coated with a hard, high-gloss UV-cured paint system by Bates Surface Solutions, New Zealand’s largest coatings applicator for building panel products and a leader in UV-cured paint technology. The Fenta tile drops into standard commercial suspended ceiling grids.

Key features:

  • 100% UV-cured and VOC-free paint (primers and topcoats).
  • Hygienic and fire-resistant.
  • Durable, hard and scratch-resistant.
  • Highly light-reflective for brighter spaces.


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