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In the high-volume cabinetry market, panel products need to be fit for purpose, easy to cut, and easy to store. We developed PanelWhite in 2011 as a lightweight, economical board specifically for cabinet backs, drawer bases, infill panels for sliding wardrobe doors, and non-structural/non-fire-rated interior wall linings.

PanelWhite is a 3-6mm thick, New Zealand-made MDF board coated on one side with UltraLight™ Technology - a UV-cured acrylic paint developed by our parent company Bates Surface Solutions. You get a lightweight board with all the benefits of a UV coating: its harder, more scratch-resistant surface makes it a lot more durable than a conventional lacquer finish. As the paint has no chlorine, solvents or heavy metals, it is an eco-friendly alternative to other paint systems and panel overlays such as vinyl. The tough UV finish also makes it easy to clean and hard-wearing to meet industry product warranties.


Cabjaks' drawer base

Image: Cabjaks' drawer base cabinet uses PanelWhite for the backing and drawer bases.


PanelWhite used at Cabjaks

High-volume cabinetry manufacturer Cabjaks has been a customer of PanelWhite for the past four years. The Auckland business specialises in the manufacture of modular kitchen and laundry units, laminate benchtops and wardrobes. The competitive nature of mass production requires genuine efficiencies in storage, handling, and production.

'We are at the value end of the market, but we still need quality products that fit into a streamlined manufacturing process and are readily available, at the right price,' says Cabjaks general manager Jason Shaw. 'Part of our value offer is a four-day lead time, and this is where a New Zealand-made product such as PanelWhite is a benefit.

'Using PanelWhite in our cabinet design simplifies the process: once the panel is cut, it needs no more machining and can go straight into our racks ready for assembly. It is easy to use, lightweight, and functional.'


Cabjaks' tall storage cabinet uses PanelWhite for the backing

Image: Cabjaks' tall storage cabinet uses PanelWhite for the backing.


Sheet sizes

PanelWhite is available in sheets of 2440 × 1220mm, 2440 × 915mm and 2745 × 915mm, in 3mm, 5mm, or 6mm thicknesses. Other specifications are available on request.


PanelWhite distributors

Impeys | East Tamaki | phone 09 253 9027
Independent Building Supplies | Mt Wellington | phone 09 574 0324


Images courtesy of Cabjaks Manufacturing | phone 09 274 6488