A new interior canvas

CanvasCoat is a prefinished, UV-coated panel for interior graphics that is truly integrated with the architecture.



A durable surface

CanvasCoat is a substrate and coating system for any digital image or graphic. The print is protected from wear-and-tear using the same coating used on Hardiglaze for James Hardie and Fenta ceiling tiles for ANZAL – the durable, UV-cured Ultraglaze clear finish developed by Bates Surface Solutions. This scratch-resistant finish is ideal for walls in trafficable areas.



Any graphics concept

High-resolution printing gives you enormous scope to communicate identity and personalise interiors with innovative graphics and large-format images. As a narrative or storytelling device, these coated digital prints are more integrated with the building fabric than surface vinyl prints or paint-on finishes.



VOC-free paint

The UV-curing technology of Ultraglaze uses VOC-free paints for cleaner air. It is a photochemical process, in which ultraviolet light cures the paint by binding the pigments. Coatings are instantly dried on the line, with no subsequent VOC emissions.


The CanvasCoat concept is in development and we are looking for feedback from the market to finalise its properties. If you have any queries or comments, we’d love to hear from you.

CONTACT: Andrew Nixon
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