Fenta Ceiling Tiles

The Fenta Ceiling Tile is a high gloss coated fibre cement washable ceiling tile. It is a stylish yet highly functional commercial ceiling tile suitable for rooms that require a durable, hygienic and light-reflective tile.

Fenta tile distributors: Forman | T&R Interior Systems | Potter Interior Systems

The Fenta Ceiling System is designed for architects, interior designers, specifiers and installers who need a premium ceiling tile for their building project.

It’s perfect for:

  • Food prep and commercial kitchen areas
  • Restaurants, hotels and shop fit-outs
  • Utility areas and bathrooms
  • Hospitals and healthcare environments

What makes Fenta unique?

  • We use Bates Surface Solutions’ patented UltraLight™ Technology – an eco-friendly UV curing process - to give Fenta a highly durable finish.
  • Fenta has a high-gloss finish that's ideal for internal spaces – like kitchens and food prep areas, shop fit-outs, hospitals, hotels and bathrooms – areas that need a highly reflective surface to maximise light.
  • It’s hygienic and easy-to-clean so it minimises the spread of bacteria, mould and mildew.
  • It’s durable and of the highest quality, with an extra protective film that keeps it in optimum condition from manufacture to install.
  • Fenta meets the highest standards in fire safety – code 1-S.
  • Our manufacturing process is environmentally friendly;
  • and Fenta Ceiling Tiles are simple to use - they can be dropped into all standard grid systems making installation a breeze.

The tiles fit into all standard suspended ceiling grids, and come in white high-gloss or white satin finish. They can be ordered in any colour when the project meets the minimum order size. 

For more information, click here to see our Fenta Ceiling Tile Brochure.

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