Fenta Ceiling Tiles

Hygienic, UV-coated commercial ceiling tiles

Fenta™ is a prefinished, washable commercial ceiling tile, made with a quality fibre cement board. Finished with a UV-cured antimicrobial gloss, it’s ideal for use where hygiene is critical.


Scope of use

Commercial kitchens
Changing rooms
Utility areas


Hygienic and fire resistant

Fenta ensures the highest levels of hygiene and sanitation. Water and moisture resistant, its hard, smooth surface is impregnated with an antimicrobial additive to minimise the spread of bacteria, mould and mildew, ensuring compliance with B2 Durability and G3 Food Preparation requirements in the New Zealand Building Code (NZBC). The tiles fit into all standard suspended ceiling grids and meet the maximum standard in fire safety – Group 1-S.


Durable UV coating

Fenta features a durable ultraviolet (UV) coated surface. UV-cured coating systems are harder than conventional coatings and offer excellent impact and scratch resistance. The Fenta surface will last longer than most architectural paint systems, so requires less maintenance over its lifetime.


VOC-free paint

With UV technology, coatings are instantly dried on the UV line with no VOC emissions. UV curing complies with international environmental standards, such as Global Green Tag, and the coating is manufactured under the ISO 14001 environmental standard.


Highly light-reflective

Fenta’s high-gloss surface has high reflectivity to maximise light reflectance and light distribution in a room for improved working conditions and energy efficiency. Service spaces are often windowless, and whenever Fenta has been retrofitted into an existing space, the staff are delighted by the better lighting conditions, making their work easier.


For more information, download our Fenta ceiling tile brochure.

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