PlyPlay™ plywood

The next generation of plywood

PlyPlay™ is a prefinished, UV-cured coated plywood panel made from sustainably-grown plantation timbers. Ideal for wall panelling, ceiling linings and cabinetry, it has a finish quality and durability that can only be achieved in a controlled factory environment.


Commercial interiors



Prefinished for faster installation

Based on 1200mm wide plywood boards, PlyPlay’s factory-coated, modular panels simplify the construction process. You’ll need fewer trades on site and achieve a compressed timeframe when lining an interior. Ideal for prefabricated housing, transforming existing spaces, commercial feature walls and cabinetry.



UV-cured coated for greater durability

PlyPlay features a durable ultraviolet (UV) coated surface. UV-cured paints are harder than conventional coatings and offer improved impact and scratch resistance, and improved wear and abrasion. The PlyPlay surface will last longer than most architectural paint systems, so requires less maintenance over its lifetime.


VOC-free paint

The UV curing technology uses VOC-free paints for cleaner air. The process uses ultraviolet light to cure the paint – a photochemical process that binds the pigments. With UV technology, coatings are instantly dried on line with no subsequent VOC emissions. The plywood has Low Formaldehyde Emission.


Prefinished colour

PlyPlay comes in three different colours that build on the natural warmth of the timber. Finished with a smooth satin surface, each colour has a delicate pearl sheen based on mineral mica to reinforce the natural warmth of the timber.

Naturally Naked
Blond Ambition
Double Trouble


Visit the PlyPlay™ website for more information and case studies. 

You can purchase PlyPlay™ from CARTERS.